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3rd of August 2017

Don’t Let the Pennsylvania Legislature Trade Away Clean Air and Water Protections

 Tell the Pennsylvania General Assembly that clean air and clean water are not for sale.  On July 27, 2017, the Pennsylvania Senate approved a revenue package that will further decimate the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), threatening public health and damaging our environment in the process. By the slimmest of margins, the Senate voted 26-24 […]

2nd of August 2017

Have you met MOM’s Organic Market?

MOM’s Organic Market Cherry Hill opened in the summer of 2016. MOM’s Organic Market is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier chain of family owned and operated organic grocery stores. With stores in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC, their Center City, Philly store is opening soon! MOM’s was founded in 1987 by Scott Nash, […]

19th of July 2017

How to Protect Your Property and Rights During Mariner East 2 Construction

  Introduction Do you live on or near the Mariner East 2 Right of Way (ROW)? Is Sunoco staking the ROW or have they started construction of ME 2/2x? Do you wonder if Sunoco Logistics may be working outside of the limits of your easement agreement? You have rights regardless of whether or not you […]

13th of July 2017

Why Parking Matters to the Council

When it comes to Clean Air Council’s work on protecting and defending everyone’s right to breathe clean air, you probably don’t think of parking regulations as an issue we take interest in. Parking, however, is a powerful subsidy to America’s deadly over reliance on single-occupancy vehicle travel. Automobile dependence has helped transportation to become the […]

5th of July 2017

CAC Climate Blog #2

On June, 1st 2017, President Donald Trump announced that he was pulling the United States, the second largest greenhouse gas polluter on earth after China, out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This move came only a year and a half after, for the first time, nearly every nation on earth came to a unanimous agreement […]


Feet First Philly is a pedestrian advocacy group sponsored by the Clean Air Council, that aims to raise awareness of issues facing pedestrians in the City of Philadelphia, improve the pedestrian environment, protect the rights of pedestrians, and encourage walking as a mode of transportation, as well as for exercise and recreation. Pedestrians of Philadelphia is […]

21st of June 2017

PA Supreme Court Strengthens Environmental Rights – A Historic Win for Pennsylvania’s Air, Water, Land, and Health

  Pennsylvanians can breathe a breath of fresh air today thanks to a monumental decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court striking down unconstitutional laws and protecting the environment.  The Supreme Court strengthened our rights “to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment,” which […]

19th of June 2017

CAC Climate Blog #1

The United States is experiencing a period of unusually warm temperatures. The year 2017 is off to the warmest start since the beginning of weather recordings, putting this year on a path to break all previous records. Though, 2016 did that too. And so did 2015. In fact, since 2014, every year has broken the record for being the warmest […]

15th of June 2017

Clean Air Council awarded with 2017 Azavea Summer of Maps fellow

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2017 Azavea Summer of Maps program. Summer of Maps is a three-month long fellowship giving Geographic Information System (GIS) students the opportunity to perform geospatial data analysis for local and national non-profit organizations. Our Summer of Maps fellow, Jianting Zhao, will be helping us […]

9th of June 2017

Public Comment is In: 11,000+ to #Cutmethane in PA

  Tell Governor Wolf that we need strong rules to fight methane pollution!  Residents and groups from across Pennsylvania submitted over 11,000 comments to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) advocating for proposed changes to streamlined permits that address methane pollution from new and modified natural gas operations. Methane leaks at almost every stage of […]

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