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The Hub 11/10/17: Clean Air Council’s Weekly Round-up of Transportation News

“The Hub” is a weekly round-up of transportation related news in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Check back weekly to keep up to date on the issues Clean Air Council’s transportation staff finds important.


Next City: Picture the Data of 1,000-Plus Bike-Share Systems in One Place– Standardization of bike-share data will make it easier to integrate bike-sharing into third party trip planning apps.


City Lab: On Moscow Metro, Jewelry Is a Classy Alternative to Subway Cards – There’s no reason a contact chip needs to be in a card. Moscow is piloting bracelets and rings that can be used to pay for transit.


Hidden City: Schuylkill River Swing Bridge Transfer To City Complete – The transfer of Conrail’s swing bridge to the city paves the way for the next leg of the Schuylkill River Trail, which will connect the east and west banks of the river.


Plan Philly: SEPTA showcases plans for cleaner, greener commutes with updated energy action plan – Taking SEPTA instead of driving is already a green choice. With more electric busses and and agency plan to phase out diesel vehicles, it’s becoming an even greener one. The Council thinks it could be even better if they committed to a goal of using 100 percent renewable energy by a certain year, with benchmarks along the way.

Streets Blog: How Seattle Avoided the Transit Death Spiral to Turn Around Its Bus System – When revenue is down transit agencies have some hard choices to make. Seattle residents voted to invest more in transit, instead of making cuts. The results are less single occupancy vehicle trips to downtown than ever before.


Image Source: City Lab

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