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The Hub 12/8/17: Clean Air Council’s Weekly Round-up of Transportation News

“The Hub” is a weekly round-up of transportation related news in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Check back weekly to keep up to date on the issues Clean Air Council’s transportation staff finds important. Penn team seeks to make streets safer by keeping an eye on cyclists’ eyes – Researchers from University of Pennsylvania are studying how cyclists and pedestrians react to the world around them with high tech glasses. These glasses map where the rider is focusing, head movement, and pupil dilation. Officials from OTIS and DVRPC have taken notice of the project and hope to use it to achieve the goals of Vision Zero.


Philadelphia Citizen: IDEAS WE SHOULD STEAL: PEDAL TO PORCH – Detroit and Philly are both cities with a rich industrial history that are experiencing a rebirth of young, urbanist professionals. The Pedal to Porch program is connecting newcomers and long time residents of Detroit’s historic neighborhoods through storytelling and cycling.


Next City: Street Planning in These Cities Rethinks the Curbside– For the last century curbsides in dense urban cores have been used largely for parking of private vehicles. In large cities, a majority of people in the downtown commercial district are not drivers, but pedestrians and transit users. Urban planners are reimagining curbside space to better serve the populous.


Curbed: New Orleans launches its new bike-share program today with 115 bikes ready for use – New Orleans bike-share, Blue Bikes, is online. Blue Bikes is funded by Independence Blue Cross, and the parallels to Philly’s own Indego don’t stop there. Low-income riders can purchase discounted annual passes and bankless individuals can pay for the service in cash.


New York Times: No Longer New York City’s ‘Boulevard of Death’ – NYC’s Queens Boulevard is a shining example of how engineering and design can save lives. Once notoriously dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, pedestrian islands and bike lanes have greatly reduced conflict with vehicles.


Image Source: Curbed

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