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The Hub 2/2/18: Clean Air Council’s Weekly Round-up of Transportation News

“The Hub” is a weekly round-up of transportation related news in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Check back weekly to keep up to date on the issues Clean Air Council’s transportation staff finds important.


Tech Crunch: Uber is piloting a bike-sharing service with JUMP – San Francisco’s dockless bike-share has partnered with Uber to provide real time data of where it’s bikes are located, as well as to process payments. Uber hopes this is the first of many partnerships that create a more multimodal future for the app.


blueprint: It’s Sneckdown Season: What Cities Can Learn From Snow-Covered Streets – Wasted space in intersections becomes very obvious in the snow. Swaths of pavement, unused by cars, can be used for a plethora of pedestrian improvements.


City Lab: Why Is L.A. Expanding Transit—and Losing Riders? – More people are driving in Southern California than ever. Local transit agencies are scrambling to improve service and to retain riders, but the issue is more nuanced. Immigrant populations are favoring private vehicles for safety from officials. Trump’s talk on infrastructure leaves big questions for Pennsylvania, N.J. projects – Several big capital projects in PA and NJ are banking on federal funds. SEPTA has been counting on using 50% federal funding for the King of Prussia Rail expansion of the Norristown High Speed Line. The latest version of Trump’s infrastructure plan would fund no more than 20% of any one project.


Metro Report: Singapore – Malaysia metro agreement signed – An ambitious international infrastructure project will connect Singapore and Malaysia by 2024. Passengers on the new metro line will go through customs and immigration before boarding the train, emerging from an underground tunnel in another nation.

Image Source: City Lab

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