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The Hub 2/9/18: Clean Air Coucil’s Weekly Round-Up of Transportation News

“The Hub” is a weekly round-up of transportation related news in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Check back weekly to keep up to date on the issues Clean Air Council’s transportation staff finds important.


Plan Philly: Why SEPTA lost Super Bowl Sunday’s transit game – Many celebrating Eagles fans were left without public transit options Sunday night. After the Broad Street Line and the Market Frankford Line stopped running at midnight there were few options other than cabs and walking for revelers who had taken transit into Center City.


Next City: Transit Group Pitches Gondolas for Miami – Overwater gondolas connecting Miami and Miami Beach could alleviate traffic concerns for commuters as well as provide a scenic ride for tourists. Miami Aerial Transit Partners has proposed a system of 100 gondolas that would arrive at stations every 30 seconds.


City Lab: Traffic’s Mind-Boggling Economic Toll – Sitting in traffic is more than just wasted time, it’s wasted money too.  A new study from transportation consulting firm INRX looks at the true cost that commuting by car has on our economic productivity.


Plan Philly: Transit agencies score on Eagles parade day – For all the shortcomings of Philadelphia’s transit network after the Eagles Superbowl win, people were able to move in and out of Philly with relative smoothness for the celebratory parade. Trains operated from limited stations and the Market Frankford and Broad Street Lines were free, allowing fans to pour into the city from all over the region.


Streets Blog: Where Are the Gaps in Your Transit System? – The Center for Neighborhood Technology has developed a data tool that shows where transit demand is not being met. How does your neighborhood stack up?


Image Source: Plan Philly

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