Clean Air Council

Dirty Energy

We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air and live in a healthy environment. We also believe that this right will be violated as long as people choose to use dirty energy, whether it’s from illegally burning wood in a backyard or a company fracking next to an elementary school. Until the day comes that we move beyond this kind of pollution, the Council will use public education, community advocacy, and (when necessary) legal force to keep the air clean.

Protect Our Children

In 2014 the Clean Air Council helped form the Protect Our Children (POC) coalition . The coalition consists of parents, concerned residents, and advocacy organizations like the Council dedicated to protecting children from the health risks of shale gas drilling and its infrastructure. The coalition’s main focus is on keeping all shale gas drilling and infrastructure at least one mile away from schools.

POC originated from the ongoing struggle in Middlesex Township to keep a fracking company, Rex Energy, from drilling near schools in the Mars School District. What started as a community organizing effort has now turned into a major legal battle working its way through the Pennsylvania courts.


As natural gas companies continue to propose infrastructure expansions throughout Pennsylvania and the Eastern Seaboard, Clean Air Council remains steadily committed to supporting impacted communities in their struggles for a clean and healthy environment. This includes communities that are facing fracking, transmission pipelines, compressor stations, pumping stations, storage facilities, and refineries.

Since 2011, communities are facing a drastically increased number of proposed infrastructure projects. The existing means to transport natural gas cannot handle the glut that has developed from fracking, so industry wants to develop more infrastructure, particularly pipelines. This is a unique opportunity for Pennsylvanians to have a conversation about what type of investment we want for our communities and who benefits from increased infrastructure.

I See Smoke

I See Smoke PA is a Clean Air Council program aimed at increasing public knowledge of, and reducing emissions from, biomass burning in the state of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide tools and resources for communities to improve the regulations of biomass. To that end, our webpage includes information on biomass and its impact on public health, existing state and local policy, resources and fact sheets, model legislation, and ways you can take action in your community.

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