Heinz Refuge Bike/Pedestrian Connections

Heinz Refuge Bike/Pedestrian Philadelphia Connection 

The Philadelphia connection to the front door of the Refuge will be a path from the nearby Eastwick Regional Rail station. The Council will have a conceptual plan for this path by the end of the year.

Heinz Refuge Bike/Pedestrian Delaware Connections

The two connections in Delaware County are in various states of development. A trail along route 420, at the back entrance to the Refuge, will connect residents of Prospect Park, and visitors from Tinicum Township safely. Currently the road is high speed with no sidewalks or trails, just a shoulder, and the Refuge splits in two parts at Route 420, with no safe way to get between the two. The trail has been joined with a PennDOT project to replace the Darby Creek Bridge, and provide safe access between the two sides of the Refuge and into Prospect Park.

The last connection is near Route 291 in Tinicum Township, an abandoned trolley bed that is mostly sunk into the marsh will be turned into a boardwalk trail that connects one of the most interesting parts of Heinz, known as the “wormhole,” into residential Tinicum. The Council hopes to have a conceptual plan for this trail in the next year.

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