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Onsite Assistance

Clean Air Council staff is happy to provide several free services to your office to help with Clean Commuting.

Onsite Clean Commute Education

The Council’s Transportation staff is experienced in providing “lunch and learns,” where employees congregate for lunch at your office and the Council’s staff goes over a presentation detailing why considering commuting methods is so important to the environment, their wallet, and their time, as well as, what some of the best strategies are.

The Council is also willing to set up a table for a day in a common space as employees pass by, offering information on what some of their options are at your workplace – what transportation benefits you offer, such as RideECO; what opportunities they have near the workplace such as a major transportation hubs or bike lanes/trails; and even help coordinate car/vanpools.

Set up a lunch and learn today by calling 215-567-4004 x 110 or emailing

Clean Commute Educational and Promotional Material

The Council has talented staff members who will create custom maps showing your workplace’s proximity to bike lanes and public transit routes. We can also create maps showing your employees’ starting locations and how that interacts with the region’s travel flows. Maps include visuals for how public transit, carpooling, flexible hours or biking can improve their commute.

In addition to custom maps for the workplace, several premade materials are available to promote various commuting options.

Contact us today for educational materials by calling 215-567-4004 x 110 or emailing

Custom Commute Plans for Employers

Finally, the Council’s Transportation staff is always available to meet with an employer and strategize what options make the most sense for your workplace and employees, and help with the administrative and logistical hurdles in setting up RideECO, carpools, bike racks, and other options.

Let us know how we can help your workplace by calling 215-567-4004 x 110 or emailing

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