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Stop the Elcon Hazardous Waste Burner!

In 2016, Bucks County surpassed Allegheny and Philadelphia for “orange” air quaility days when children, the elderly and asthmatics are at risk of respiratory damage. In spite of this, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) is considering allowing Elcon Recycling Services to construct a hazardous waste treatment facility in Falls Township, next to the Wheelabrator Falls Waste Incinerator. Just last May, PADEP found that the incinerator violated its agreement to continuously monitor emissions.

Contact Russell Zerbo at 215.567.4004 x130 or for more information. Please tell DEP to stop this dangerous proposal.

Click here to read the Philadelphia Water Department’s letter of opposition to this hazardous proposal. 

“Elcon’s wastewater treatment plant sits half a mile from a creek that empties into the Delaware River and 15 miles away from the water intake for the City of Philadelphia. Hoping that there will be no accidents is just not an acceptable answer. Hazardous water in the Delaware River could contaminate millions who drink Philadelphia water, which is why the Water Department opposes the siting of this plant in Bucks County. We do not want this plant.”
Walter Tsou, MD, MPH
Former Health Commissioner of Philadelphia

Not counting air pollution, there will be two things leaving this facility for the landfill, 800 tons of sludge per year and 5,000 tons of salts per year.

Elcon has applied to receive 596 different kinds of wastes. This is quoted from their application: “Storage tanks may receive raw industrial wastewater containing 120 mg/l of Mercury, 900 mg/l lead, 340 mg/l Cadmium. Treated wastewater contains .025 mg/l mercury, .025 mg/l of lead, .025 mg/l cadmium.”

In terms of the sludge, they will be drying it in “sludge ovens” and then landfilling the waste. The thermal oxidizer is planned to reach 1600 degrees F and is built for 2,192. In their own internal documents you can clearly read “Thermal Oxidizer Burner” and “Sludge Oven Burner”.

The proposed facility is a major source of air pollution. In a non-attainment area, major sources are listed as emitting 25 tons per year of NOx, which is what Elcon is proposing. Click here to see Bucks County on this list of non-attainment areas.

Want to see the technical details? Click any of the links below to learn more:
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