Cobbs Creek Connector Trail Sections

Cobbs Creek Connector Trail Section 1

The first section will complete .6 miles of the Cobbs Creek Connector Trail through Cobbs Creek Park, part of Fairmount Park, to the historic Blue Bell Inn. We expect this section to go into construction this year!

Cobbs Creek Connector Trail Section 2

The next section, going south to the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge, takes users about half a mile on a sidepath to Island Avenue, where trail will eventually connect to the Cibotti Recreation Center.

Cobbs Creek Connector Trail Sections 3 & 4

This section will be built in two phases over the next 2-3 years. Continuing south, a section of trail will travel through the remediated Clearview Superfund site, once the EPA has completed their work, eventually landing at 84th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard. Until then cyclists and pedestrians will be guided through an on-road route.

The final section of the Cobbs Creek Connector Trail will take users through a “gateway “ to Heinz, complete with a vegetated buffer between the road and the sidepath, landing on a trail that runs parallel to the main driveway and parking lot for the Refuge.

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