Clean Air Council

Live Music

We are proud to host some of Philly’s best local musicians every year on the Greenfest stage. This year you will enjoy….


West Philadelphia Orchestra plays music that is mostly rooted in Eastern European folk music traditions, but done with their own voices, Philadelphia voices nourished by our jazz heritage, tinged with punk rock, soul, and cheesesteaks, and blended with the voices of their community.



With a haunting and head turning tone, Vessna Scheff silences rooms with the first breath and pluck of the ukulele. Unafraid of connecting with the audience in a intimate performance, she pierces the souls of listeners in a unforgettable show. Her nuanced vocals delicately weave the powerful stories she tells through her lyrics about love and emotional development.


Spinning all day, Seanicus tries to let the song and the beat and the mix become it’s own life. Enjoy the mood he nurtures, giving a sountrack to your Greenfest experience.


Listen to the Greenfest 10th Anniversary Playlist with previous festival artists like The Districts, The Lawsuits, TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb, Ron Gallo, Pine Barons, Levee Drivers, and more.


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