Sustainable Transportation

Transportation is the fastest growing sector in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. As an environmental justice and equity issue, Clean Air Council is a vigorous and long-standing advocate of sustainable and fair transportation policy. Its advocacy ranges from founding and shaping coalitions for alternative transportation, to implementing programs designed to reduce automobile use in specific communities, to increasing public participation in local transportation planning and holding transportation forums and community meetings.

Today, transportation associated problems extend to not only mobile source air pollution and its health effects, but also fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas reduction, land use impacts and sprawl.  In Philadelphia, motor vehicles account for up to 60% of the total air pollution, according to the U.S. EPA.  The Council works through government oversight to ensure that all planning and transportation decisions take into account public health and the environment, public education and advocacy to promote the use of alternatives to the private motor car wherever possible, and empowering neighborhoods to ensure local transportation needs are addressed with a satisfactory input from community members.

Cleaner Commute

Cleaner Commute Philadelphia offers businesses cost-free assistance in implementing a range of transportation alternatives through education, incentives and benefits package improvements. Whether it’s on transit, in a carpool or vanpool, by bicycle or even working from home, Clean Air Council has information on what the alternatives are and how companies and commuters can take advantage of them.


GoPhillyGo is a new online mapping tool for the Greater Philadelphia area. Developed with state-of-the-art mapping technology, this site makes it easy for users to plan their routes through multimodal methods — combining biking + walking + public transportation within one trip — to go anywhere within the greater Philadelphia area without the use of a car. It even provides details on pedestrian and bike routes, letting users customize their trips.

Feet First Philly

Feet First Philly is a pedestrian advocacy group sponsored by The Clean Air Council.  Our aims are to raise awareness of issues facing pedestrians in the City of Philadelphia, improve the pedestrian environment, protect the rights of pedestrians, and encourage walking as a mode of transportation, as well as for exercise and recreation.

Multi-Use Trails

Clean Air Council is proud to be the lead advocate for the Cobbs Creek Connector Trail and four trail connections to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Trails provide a range of benefits to nearby residents. They encourage healthier lifestyles through exercise and recreation, cultivate stronger communities, and generate economic opportunities for businesses surrounding them. They also create possibilities for alternative commutes reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions leading to improved air quality in the region.

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