MOM’s Organic Market is the proud official sponsor of Greenfest Philly’s Kids’ Corner for the fourth year in a row. The 2017 MOM’s Organic Market Kids’ Corner features eco-friendly crafts and activities, games, and more. Budding environmentalists can climb a 25′ rock wall, learn about the environment, engage in kid-friendly onsite activism, and build make-and-take crafts! Kids’ Corner is excited to feature the following activities for 2017:

  • Stick-lets Fort Building: Stick-lets brings kids, families, and adults together through play, imagination, and problem-solving. Kids’ can build their own Stick-lets fort at Greenfest.
  • Caricature Art: Local illustrator Jay Rollins will draw a cartoon portrait of your young climate crusader! 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Clean Air Council.
  • Seed Ball Making: State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good helps turn caring into doing. Kids can learn to make seed balls to plant at home or in local gardens.
  • Story Time: Join children’s book author Alexandra Lindsay Fields as she reads the story of “Emma,” a baby calf on a wild adventure in search of fun, friendship, and, above all, freedom.

For the grownups, MOM’s Organic Market is a family owned and operated organic grocer in Bryn Mawr, Cherry Hill, and (soon!) Center City, Philadelphia. MOM’s is dedicated to supporting organics and furthering their Purpose: to protect and restore the environment.

MOM’s Organic Market walks the talk and has been 100% renewable energy powered since 2005. They have rooftop solar panels on two of their Maryland stores and have a MOM’s-designated solar farm in Kingsville, MD. Through purchasing Wind Power Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in 2016, they offset the equivalent of 1,205 vehicles being driven for one year. They also train Environmental Restoration (E.R.) captains in each location, who serve as subject matter experts in preserving, protecting, and restoring natural systems within the store. “Being an environmentally friendly company not only helps the world to be a better place, it also helps our business’ bottom line by increasing employee morale and customer loyalty,” says Scott Nash, Founder & CEO of MOM’s.

MOM’s has always been on the forefront of green initiatives. They made history in 2010 by launching Plastic Surgery – banning the sale of plastic bottled water and replacing plastic used in stores with compostable items. They’re also big supporters of electric vehicles and want you to take advantage of free EV charging stations at their stores (MOM’s employees are even eligible for a subsidy towards the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle). Throughout the year, you can count on MOM’s to keep you informed on varied topics like natural and organic lawn care and proper tire inflation to keep your vehicle running as efficiently as possible. You might find yourself wondering why a grocery store cares so much about their footprint – MOM’s would tell you they believe climate change and environmental degradation are the biggest challenges facing humankind today. Through education, customers, employees, and other stakeholders can get involved and ultimately have a positive impact on their communities. For more information visit

Check out the solar array on top of MOM’s White Marsh, MD store!

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