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5 More Reasons Why You Should Bike to Work (and in General)

We’ve all heard the more prevalent reasons to ride a bike a million times: it’s good for the environment, your health, and your wallet. While these are very good reasons to opt for two tires over four, there are so many more reasons. With the Council’s Bike to Work Day event coming up on Friday, May 19, here are 5 of our other reasons why you should not only to work, but also for short trips, fitness, and fun.

Philadelphia’s Extensive Bicycle Trail System

With hundreds of miles of interconnected trails and bike lanes, the Greater Philadelphia Area has one of the most extensive bicycle trail systems in the country. The Circuit Trails, connecting towns throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and beyond, makes up 300+ miles of our region’s trail system. The Circuit is growing each year and aims to have 500 miles of trails complete by 2025. The City of Philadelphia also has installed hundreds of miles of on-road bike lanes. In early 2017, the City was awarded almost $3 million from the state for five alternative transportation projects, including 27 miles of protected bike lanes.


In Philadelphia, you don’t have to own a bike

Don’t own a bike? Don’t worry about it. Just hop on an Indego! Indego is Philadelphia’s bikeshare program with over 500 bikes and 60 stations across Center City and parts of North, South, and West Philadelphia. Indego is available available 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can buy a monthly pass or pay by the trip. In 2017, you will see even more Indego bikes on the road because 16 bikeshare stations are included in the previously mentioned $3 million awarded to the City.

You can combine bicycling with public transit to travel farther

The Greater Philadelphia Area is really stepping up it’s multimodal game. Since the late 2000s, all SEPTA buses and trackless trolleys have been equipped with a bike rack that can hold up to two bikes. More recently, SEPTA has been installing bike racks inside of their subway stations. Currently, you can find bike racks inside the City Hall concourse, Tasker-Morris, and Spring Garden stations. You can expect to see them at the Snyder, Ellsworth-Federal, and 2nd Street Stations in the near future. Furthermore, all PATCO stations have bike racks and also allow bicycles on their trains 24 hours a day. Click here to learn more about multimodal transit and bike policies from SEPTA and NJ Transit.

Eligible for Bicycle Commuting Reimbursement

Bike commuters deserve an award (check out our Clean Air Commute Awards) or some kind of perk for reducing their carbon footprint. Many employers recognize this and offer a Bicycle Commuting Benefit. Considered a fringe benefit that does not get taxed, enrolled employers may reimburse an employee up to $20 per month for reasonable expenses incurred in conjunction with the employee’s commute to work by bike.

See your community differently

Biking allows for freedom. There is always a new path home to explore, and sometimes you can even go where cars can’t. Additionally, you are literally exposed to the world and moving at a lower speed. This will give you the chance to notice things in your neighborhood or lead to interactions that can’t be experienced behind the wheel.

Bonus reason: It’s fun!

Any cyclist will tell you this! To plan your bike route, whether it includes bike trails, buses, or Indego, use the Greater Philadelphia Region’s multimodal trip planner.

And don’t forget to join us, GoPhillyGo, Philadelphia Navy Yard, PIDC, and South Philly Bikes  on Friday, May 19 for Bike to Work Day! We’ll be celebrating experienced and beginner bike commuters just inside the Broad Street Gate of the Navy Yard, between 7:30 am and 10:00 am.

We’ll have complimentary coffee, doughnuts, raffle prizes (including a Philly Food Works $50 gift card), expert bike advice, and tire air, as well as commuter benefits information, safety tips, and trip planning advice. Ever wonder how to load a bike onto a SEPTA bus? Cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users will be able to try out the SEPTA bus bike rack.

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