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The average American commuter spends about $2,000 and 200 hours annually driving to work alone. Cleaner Commute Philadelphia has several incentives to help you save money and spend less time behind the wheel.

Commuter Incentives

Receive a $100 gas card when you start a new car/vanpool that is set up and maintained for 3 months and involves commuters who would have otherwise used multiple cars

Clean Air Council can help you start a carpool or vanpool group through Share-A-Ride , a free computerized service that could potentially match you with carpool or vanpool members. Click here to learn more about ridesharing. Or, contact Clean Air Council by calling 215-567-4004 x 110 or emailing

Win a $150 gift card to local bike shop, car detailing or trail pass by entering Clean Air Council’s Clean Commute Awards

This award recognizes Philadelphia-area commuters who go the extra mile for a sustainable commute.

Examples of Clean Air Commuter behavior:

  • You leave early each morning to collect your coworkers for a carpool
  • You persuaded your employer to install bike-friendly facilities
  • A master of SEPTA’s bike racks, you’ve worked out a multimodal car-free commute
  • A comprehensive knowledge of SEPTA schedules lets you hop from train to trolley, bus to subway to get to work
  • Blazing heat, blizzards, or torrential rain: nothing keeps you off your bike

The Clean Air Commuter of the Year wins a free entry to Clean Air Council’s Run for Clean Air , an award at the Run, and a choice of a one-month SEPTA TrailPass, a $150 gift certificate to a local bike shop, or (for carpoolers) a green car detailing. The contest runs from September through March and the winners are announced at the Run for Clean Air. Go to the Clean Commute Awards page to learn more.

Employer Incentives

Tax Benefits

As an employer you can offer incentives, like RideECO, to your employees that can save you money on taxes. RideECO is Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission ’s commuter voucher program that allows commuters and employers to save by putting pre-tax dollars towards fares on many modes of public transportation, including the vanpool service vRide . Employers save money by driving down payroll taxes with every dollar a commuter deducts. The program pays for itself and everyone gains from it. Read more about RideECO here.

Employers can also offer their employees a qualified transportation fringe benefit of $20 a month for bike related commuting costs.

Preferential Car/vanpool Parking

Preferential parking for carpools and alternative fueled vehicles are great incentives as well.

Assistance installing bike racks outside or inside your office

Clean Air Council’s staff can assist your company through the process of installing indoor or outdoor bike facilities for your employees. Installing bike racks on the sidewalk can have lots of red tape, and the Council’s staff will offer free assistance to help you through the process. Read more about bike rack installation assistance here. Or, contact Will Fraser, Sustainable Transportation Outreach Coordinator, by calling 215-567-4004 ext. 123 or emailing


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